Lent Day 11 – Giving Thanks

I just realized that I haven’t written my blog today and everyone else in the house has gone to bed. I feel a little bit like I have been on a roller coaster this past week with many ups and downs. Life is a crazy ride. Life is not all sunshine and roses. I wrote that line and immediately thought of the line from Larry the Cucumber trying and failing to sing the blues . . . . “All sunshine and roses, no rain came my way.”

Life is not always peaches and cream. Life is all about your perspective! No one likes to be around people who are negative. I don’t even like to be around myself when I am negative.  Being rudely awakened from dream-filled sleep makes me grumpy. But being awake and alive to see another day is a blessing. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. has it’s own troubles and cares, but I will choose thankfulness.

I choose to be thankful for this life with all of it’s ups and downs and as much as possible I will try to enjoy the ride.


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    Giving Thanks, even when life is not all sunshine and roses 🌹

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