Lent Day 12 – Giving Thanks

There are all sorts of challenges to tackle when you have a large family. Like any good parents we want our children to feel special. With six children it is sometimes a challenge to spend time with each individual child, but we try!

One thing that we do in our family is dates with Mom and Dad. These dates usually include lunch, dinner, a movie, or going shopping. Because it is a common occurrence for only one kid at a time to get to go on these dates we have minimized the jealousy factor. Everyone knows they have to take turns going on dates or spending special time with Mommy or Daddy. It is an amazing opportunity to give our kids individual attention and show them love.

The topics they bring up in conversation can be surprising and revealing. Spending individual time with them reveals their heart and their individual personalities. During this one on one time we learn what makes our kids tick. We believe that part of our job as parents is to turn the hearts of our children to God and a big part of that is getting to really know them and showing them our love for God. 

I am thankful for dates with our kids. Each of them truly are amazing little people in own own special and unique ways and dates are a great way to show them that we love them. 


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