Lent – Giving Thanks

Spring Break is over and that means our boys were off to school again today. School days are days at home that are filled to brim with my girls. They are sassy and sweet and all kinds of funny.


I asked if they want to see a beekeeper. They flatly told me no. One said she wants to be a firefighter. One said she wants to be a zookeeper.

I hear the rattle of candy wrappers and yell for the one I know is always, always, always, up to trouble!

Every. single. day. they want to watch songs from the movie Frozen on Youtube. They take turns yelling which one of the songs they wanted to listen to first.  It seems that lately I always have one Frozen song running through my brain.

I was digging in my closet for smaller jeans and one kid comes in and asks, “How many are you?” I had to think for a minute and when I responded that I am 34 she responded much too quickly, that I am old.

They “read” books to each other and melt my heart.

One discovered that biting her sisters is fun.

One laughed at the other when she said her sister almost bit her bottom.

Not just once but twice my girl took off her dirty diaper by herself. The first time I was on the phone. I don’t think I have ever been so thankful to be on hold.

My snotty-nosed congested little one does not fuss or complain one little bit, but she watched her big sisters go back and forth until she fell asleep.

They gobble up a snack of Strawberry Mini Wheats like nobody’s business.

They find the broom and try to sweep the kitchen and as they do their infectious giggles make me laugh.

They put on hats and gloves and pretend it’s snowing. My singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” Is followed by a yes and a sad realization that there is no snow for a snowman.

They “need me,” an unimaginable number of times to help them in the bathroom!

When two knock down the light cover they come and says “Sorry Momma.” Then proceed to point out that the other one is to blame. She did it! No she did!

I am thankful for my days with my girls.



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