Saying Goodbye to Mrs. Cluck

I made a list of what I want for Mother’s Day.

Peace and quiet, hugs and kisses, six little people saying “I love you,” and a laundry fairy to wash, dry, fold, and put all the clothes away!

I got some extra moments of sleep while my husband and my kids made a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. I love waking up to the smell of bacon. Then I got the cards and flowers. My little writers made me feel special  with handprint flowers that they made a church. A handprint that is almost as big as mine said, “She cares for six kids.” Two smaller handprints said sings, cooking, you love me, you tuck me in, always with me, and “I love you Mom.”  My husband bought me one of those miniature rose-bush with yellow roses. My family went to church and there I was given more cards and more paper flowers and a sweet carnation. After this we went to my husband’s mothers house to give her a gift and spend the afternoon. After lunch the little girls napped and the big kids all went outside to play. It was peaceful and it was quiet.  Hugs and kisses were had by all through out the day and we always say, “I love you.” We lean toward raising a tender-hearted and loving bunch! And speaking about being tender-hearted I want to share with you the story of Mrs. Cluck.

Mrs. Cluck is a pull toy hen with three baby chicks and this past week one of her wings broke. (It actually caved into the body of the toy.) I tried to fix it today to no avail and my sweet girl cried and cried for Mrs. Cluck. I explained and reasoned that the chicken was a toy and that we do not keep broken toys and that we still have her chicks.  She cried when she remembered not too long ago that one of her bath turtles lost his head and had to be thrown away.  Mrs. Cluck was not alive, and not a thing that should be loved more than a person. God wants us to love him the most. More than pickles (this made my girls laugh), or stuff of people God wants us to love him the most. Miss E thought this meant we have to stop eating pickles and she was sad because pickles are yummy. I assured her we can still eat pickles. I had to laugh when she let out a loud sigh of relief.

I had a great Mother’s Day, but on the day after Mother’s Day we said goodbye to Mrs. Cluck and unfortunately (Don’t tell Tinkerbell!) I must report that I do not believe in fairies.

A few more days later and there has been no mention at all of Mrs. Cluck. I was tempted to look up the same exact chicken and found her and another set of chicks for less than $20. Some things just do not need to be replaced! We do have a list of pets she wants . . . 2 Golden Retrievers (down from the original 8 she wanted, 1 parrot, 1 German shepherd (This one is for Daddy), 2 guinea pigs, 2 pet frogs (She seemed totally unconcerned about having to make sure the frogs have flies to eat.) I told her I don’t think Daddy is going to let us have all those animals, but I am going to let her keep dreaming!


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