Super Daddy, My Husband

Super Daddy, My Husband, My Hero

Super Mommy and Super Daddy make a dynamic duo. My husband a.k.a. Super Daddy is an amazing guy.

Super Daddy is a teacher. He is quite the smarty pants although he will admit that he doesn’t know everything, he does know a lot about a lot of different things. Spending time with Super Daddy means you will learn something.

smDSC_7088Super Daddy loves God. He gets up in he wee hours of the morning to spend time praying and reading the Bible. He prays with our family and for our family. We take our family to church. He uses every available opportunity to teach our kids that loving God and loving each other are the most important job that we have.

Super Daddy works hard. He works hard to earn a pay check and provide for our family. Super Daddy takes care of our family and our home.

Super Daddy is tons of fun! There is always laughter at our house. Super Daddy is an epic story teller. His latest series about a sleepy unicorn princess is a big hit with the girls at bedtime. The kids all love Super Daddy’s jokes, no matter how bad they are! Can anyone say, “Waka, Waka?”


Super Daddy is all about love. The Super Kids definitely know that this guy love them and their Super Mommy with all his heart. He gives them hugs, kisses, and love all the time! I can’t nurse our baby girl when Super Daddy is speaking because she wants to look at him to smile and coo at him.

Super Daddy is our hero!


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June 15, 2014 · 7:31 am

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