Outnumbered Always

To say that I am outnumbered when my husband goes to work is a gross understatement. They say you should laugh so that you don’t cry so I’m going to share this and some day I am going to laugh about all these things that the kids did in the past TWO DAYS!

There was a blue Moon Sand disaster AFTER bed time. I’m talking Moon Sand all over one kids bed and covering all of the floor that was not covered with toys! One part of the floor wasn’t covered in toys only because my oldest son and I picked up two large bags filled with sheets and clothes off the floor and pushed the toys to the sides to make a path.  The “path” was Moon Sand. I’m never given my kids Moon Sand to play with EVER and I actually had thought that I had given it away. I know it WAS on a high shelf. I have a feeling my favorite “-ZILLA” was up to no good AGAIN!

The girls were walking around in their sunglasses at one point. Sunglasses that were also on a high shelf.

I absolutely loathe hearing that so-and-so went potty in any place other than the potty or a diaper. The past couple days it was the office and the bathroom carpet. It was a different potty-trained child both times! I use an enzyme cleaner called Kids and Pets. I don’t have any pets and if these kids don’t stop using the floor as a toilet I’ll never have any pets other than fish!

There was ink; Ink of kids, ink on walls, ink on Mom, bright Smurf-blue ink. “Awesome” took the ink off the walls. It was the tricky ink that teases you by washing off your skin but not completely. I promise my kids have always had a thing for Smurf-blue!

I love that my kids love to dress up, but nap time and bed time seem to be new favorites for dress-up time. Today I kept hearing giggling during nap time and Snow White and Silvermist were out of bed playing. Yesterday after 9 o-clock Silvermist came out of her room to ask a question!

There were two marker incidents. Both incidents included, “Double-Trouble,” who decided as a team that they should do their fingernails. Let me tell you from experience that a marker manicure is not a pretty sight.  I tell them to bring the markers to me because they have been doing their manicures in super secret during school time. They bring the markers but no caps!

My bed was mysteriously stripped on all pillows and bedding except for the fitted sheet. No one knew who threw everything onto the floor of course. I was trying to be positive when I decided just to put clean sheets on the bed. Too bad the only sheets I could find were a fitted sheet and one Star Wars pillowcase.  I ended up staying awake to put my sheets in the wash. I found a lot of sheets during the Moon Sand incident later.

Lights kept systematically going off all over the house and then there were screams and kids running back and forth saying there was a monster. Seriously 3 of them have nightmares about monsters and the oldest is thinks it’s a good idea to play this game before bedtime!

The bread that was acceptable for PBJ and toast was not good for turkey and cheese today and my picky guy decided he was not going to eat it.  We had a total battle of wills. His two choices were to eat it or be hungry. He eventually made the right choice. He gets it very honestly from his father and also his great-grandfather. The hubby and I know it can’t be cured, but it can at least be dealt with.

My older boys are going through growth spurts and transitions times.  The oldest keeps having melt-downs about random things and he is sure that I don’t love him because of how mean I am to him.  His younger brother is going through a hitting phase and also a battle of wills stage.

My younger son told me before bedtime that he and his older brother will try to do better tomorrow and I believe him.  Tomorrow is a new day but I am sure there will be more shenanigans tomorrow!

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  1. cathy

    Love to you Michelle! Thanks for sharing so honestly 🙂 -cathy

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