The Adventures of Baaa-bar

My kids are all very imaginative so today during school they took turns writing a line of two of a story. This is what the “big 3” came up with today.

The Adventures of Baaa-bar: Episode 1

Once upon a time there was a very cute lamb. The little lamb, Baaa-bar was orange. The little lamb liked to go on adventures. Baaa-bar liked grass donuts and grass puppies. One day he stumbled into a dark forest. He was scared but then he found a porcupine. The porcupine’s name was Spikey.  Baaa-bar and Spikey found the ruins of an ancient temple. They also found lots and lots of gold.  Then they came across a booby trap and lava started filling the temple. They ran and ran but the lava was rising faster and faster.  They quickly escaped from the temple running like the wind. They crossed a giant chasm that was a river flowing with lava. Spikey got some logs and threw spikes to nail a bridge together. As Spikey put in the last spike a giant magical pink lava dolphin named Moe swam to their rescue. Baa—bar and Spikey put the bridge on Moe’s fin and Moe swam to the other side of the chasm. After Baaa-bar and Spikey reached the other side of the chasm they were attacked by a mean tribe of monkeys. The monkeys tried to karate chop Baaa-bar and Spikey but Spikey poked them with his spikes. The monkeys ran away. Baaa-bar and Spikey sailed over the ocean. Then Moe jumped out of the lava and into the ocean. Moe followed Baaa-bar and Spikey home. When they reached their home Baaa-bar’s mom made a giant lava pool for Moe. Moe was so happy because he finally had a home and they lived happily ever after.  The End.

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One response to “The Adventures of Baaa-bar

  1. cathy

    I can hardly believe three different kids wrote this- great job working together!

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