The Missing “K”

We have been going back and forth with different middle names for our new baby girl. We have given each of our kids a first name, two middle names and two last names. We decided that after giving our oldest that many names that we would give all of our kids that many names. It would not be fair to give one kid 6 names and give only 3 names to another.  Naming each of our kids has been a big job!  A while back I was up late looking at the names we have used so far and I noticed that in my names and my husband’s names and all of the names we have chosen for our kids, the names begin with the letters A through M, with the exception of the letter K.

Several nights later I was lying in bed thinking about names and the “missing K,” and I remembered that my first baby’s name is the “K” that I was missing. I started crying. How could I have forgotten?  I don’t ever want to forget.  Our first pregnancy ended in a very early miscarriage, but we decided on the name “Kaluw,” for the baby not knowing if the baby was a boy or a girl.

I had always wanted to use Tagalog names for my children and so going through my Tagalog-English dictionary I found that “kaluwagan,” means relief or comfort and “kaluwalhatian,” means glory.

God gave my husband and I  indescribable comfort in the days after we lost our baby. We were heartbroken but God gave us unimaginable peace.  We gave Him glory because He is worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise. Even in our grief we knew that God was with us. I don’t ever want to forget my Kaluw.  I know too many people who have suffered the loss of a baby and too many people who have suffered the loss of several babies.  I want to always remember that in all types of sorrow God comforts us and he uses our times of sorrow to bring glory to Himself.  After we lost Kalew we knew God had a plan for us.  I remember being scared we would never be able to add a baby to our family. We did not imagine that God was going to bless us with our six, soon to be seven, amazing children!  We are thrilled to be expecting our seventh baby, and we’re still working on names for her.



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