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Here They Grow Again!!

She’s 10 months old now and my baby isn’t much of a baby any more. She is walking! She is running! She has started climbing on things. She climbs up on our step stool and onto her little toy piano. She even managed to climb into the empty bathtub!  She also crashes a lot and she has the bumps and scrapes to prove it. I know she thinks she has to keep up with the rest of her siblings!

My two-year old is blossoming into a big girl too. She still wants to snuggle, but she can tell us what she wants and she can tell us what is wrong.  I lose track of the times when she gets mad at her siblings, and she runs to me and says so-and-so is “being mean to me!” Just today her Daddy said “You’re being mean to me,” and she snapped back at him, “Where is my pizza!”

My sassy sweetheart is three and still wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s still got a plethora of stuffed animal that are all hers.  Even the animals that are not hers are hers. She gets her feelings hurt and she doesn’t forget easily. Three is the year of power struggles, and these days most of them are about eating what is on her plate and sharing.

My little boy is getting more independent every single day. He still says the funniest things and he makes everyone laugh. There are very few things that make him upset or cause him to lose his cool and when he does get upset he is quick to bounce back with a smile.

My big kid is a First grader. He is growing and thriving school.  He is super independent and doesn’t like to ask for help with anything. He very particular about his routines. He gets an idea in his head and he wants to do it.  He forgets that he is bigger and stronger when it comes to his younger siblings. His imagination amazes me and soon I am going to start working on a book of his Pobe stories.

Today and every day I just want to enjoy my kids as much as humanly possible! They are amazing!


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