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A Sweet Little Moment

In the midst of chaos a sweet little moment can be so rich. I had a moment with the girls tonight. With the littlest one in my arms, the others took turns giving me hugs and kisses, and just like that I knew I was exactly were I was supposed to be.

These moments don’t last, but I can only hope and pray that I cherish them while they do last. Next week we’re sending our oldest off to a week-long church camp and I am struggling with remembering that the boy who was just a baby only a few short moments ago is growing up and becoming more and more independent every day.

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Random Wednesday Thoughts

Today I am thankful for onesies and one piece outfits so my kid doesn’t keep taking off all her clothes and her diaper. Quote of the day, “Mommy, Danielle is REALLY naked!”

I am going to have 6 kids in 126 days give or take.  I know this time will fly by ever so quickly because having 5 kids makes almost every day goes by quickly and with much chaos. I wouldn’t change it for all the world!

I keep thinking about some one who once told me that he would just call each of my kids by their number and all the witty come backs I should have given him. At the time I was quite annoyed and thought it best just to keep my mouth shut.  I understand if you can’t remember all my kids’ names, but they are not just numbers!

Yes, I do have my hands full. Random strangers in the grocery store need not comment on this well-known fact.

Yes, I know where baby’s come from.

No, I am not sure if this is the last one.  Is it really anyone’s business? Would any one really be surprised if I go for 7?

Why do 2 year olds feel the need to repeat themselves over and over and over again? “Mommy, I want to sit with you?” or “I want my cup!” fifteen times in a row is just annoying.

Two year olds should come with volume control.

I am the mom that laughed when my 1-year-old tried to hit her 7-year-old brother with a shoe. Maybe I wouldn’t have laughed if she hurt her brother, but I probably still would have laughed. Her brother thought it was pretty funny too and he wanted me make a video of it.

Four year olds have to be some of the most inquisitive people on the planet.  They wonder about everything under the sun and it’s truly amazing.  If only we could hang on to that sense of wonder instead of going through life taking every thing for granted.

It can be very frustrating when a five-year-old acts like a 60-year-old man who is firmly set in his ways you may have a fight on your hands to get him to bend on anything. One of this weeks battles included wearing shorts because it is over 80 degrees outside. Another battle was getting him to have a hamburger after it had been a while since he had one. Guess who asked for a hamburger for lunch today?


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The Things You Learn

Toads are frogs.  All crystal is glass, but not all glass is crystal. The glowing goo in glow sticks is non-toxic. Eureka! You can learn something new every day!  Fact one I learned from a book I read the kids tonight. Fact two was a random thing that my husband looked up. Fact three was something I shared with my husband.  Tonight’s bath was given in the dark with glow sticks. (Yes,  super moms and dads let their kids do this and the kids LOVE it! I dare you to try it!)  After bath time it looked like our oldest daughter had smashed poor Louie the Lightening Bug on her pajama shirt and Daddy was concerned. Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one who ever smashed a lightning bug and spread its glowing guts on the sidewalk. I’m not sure about the guts but I know that the glow sticks are non-toxic!

I wonder what God thinks about little kids pretending to be Jesus crucified. I think the Easter story really stuck with my 3-year-old this year. We used the “Resurrection Eggs” every night for less than two weeks and she still tells me the Easter story. I’m so glad that she is hiding these stories in her heart.

My oldest girl was proudly nursing her baby doll the other day. I must be doing a good job of being discreet because her brother said that the milk was from her belly. Close but not quite! I am a little bit surprised this hasn’t happened before.

My son said, “Well, you don’t have to be so rude!” When I said that I couldn’t stand someone. Parenting fail. . . James and I both laughed out loud. What made even better was when he scolded James for laughing.

The kids break out their costumes and it is not rare to have a penguin or a chicken running around. The chicken was rather upset when Daddy said that if it didn’t lay an egg it was going to be cooked for dinner. It started “laying” all kinds of random things, including a tomato and a dinosaur. I wish it would lay golden eggs! That would be a special chicken! Robin Hood, who VERY often is confused with Batman’s sidekick, and even Superman made appearances. I called into question Superman’s hero status due to the number of times I had to help him tie on his cape!


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Here We Grow

A few weeks ago Andy needed longer pants, This week I discovered that Joshua needed bigger shirts.  Eliana and Isabel couldn’t wear their dresses and Danielle couldn’t stretch out her legs in her sleeper outfits. The great clothes shift continues! Praise God I only have to buy clothes for Andy and Eliana. This time around we had some dear church friends give us pants that fit Andy’s skinny frame perfectly.

After Andy’s front tooth fell out this week his smile made James and I laugh out loud. He had lost his two bottom front teeth already, but it was not terribly noticeable when he smiled.  This guy is doing great in school and we’re so proud of how he is learning and growing.

Joshua has been between wanting to be totally independent and still wanting help with everything.  One minute he is telling us that he doesn’t need our help brushing his teeth and the next minute he is asking if we can help him put on his shoes or cover him up.  He loves his baby sister and he asks multiple times a day if I can take a picture of him holding Danielle. Miss Danielle is already 7 weeks old.  It seems like it was just a few days ago that we brought her home from the hospital.  She is holding her head up more. She’s starting to smile. She’s outgrowing her newborns clothes and diapers. She’s sleeping for longer stretches at night. Her eyes are still blue and her dark hair is growing back in.  She has a little cry with a minute or two pause before the next cry which tells me that she not too upset.  It’s a little bit like getting an early warning before she gets really upset. Usually the problem is that she needs  a diaper change, a new bib or she’s hungry. Sometimes she is just bored and wants a change of scenery.  With each one of the kids it seems that they grow and change much more quickly than their siblings before them.

Isabel has been adjusting to not being the baby in the house.  She’s been cutting 6 teeth at once, four of which are molars.  Before I realized she was teething actually took her to the doctor because she was drinking all the time and I thought she might be diabetic!  Her vocabulary is growing daily and she constantly amazes us with the words that she says. We still affectionately (most of the time) call her “Baby-zilla,” because of her tendency to destroy things, to take things that don’t belong to her, and to cause general messes where ever she goes. Sometimes I put her into the playpen instead of Danielle to give everyone a break from her!

Miss Eliana is as sassy as ever.  She gets frustrated easily and wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is progressing nicely with being potty trained.  Her expanding collection of stuffed animals has caused her to fall out of bed more than once.  If you have any ideas, suggestions or stories to help us convince her to move her toys off of her bed they are more than welcome!  She cries and cries even if we move her animals to the foot of her bed.  She wants all of them and she is absolutely broken-hearted if we put them into the toy buckets that we have just for animals.

Today Eliana said to me, “You got a lot of kids!” I responded by saying, “Yes, 5 kids is a lot!”  I will be the first one to confess that I get overwhelmed sometimes, but my kids are a tremendous blessing to me! While the kids grow and change, so do I.

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Joy in the Little Things

My kids always seem to find a way to bring the most joy out of the little things in life . . . like the boys stopping to blow on every dandelion seed head that they see, Eliana pointing out all of the puddles, the baby babbling away at her siblings and the geese, and the boys pretending that the wind was going to blow them away.

Yesterday I found that Isabel’s first tooth has broken through her gums. Another major milestone, that is only a partially joyful because my girl has been a bit more fussy than usual these past few days.

Today I discovered that a Mr Clean Magic Eraser is great for removing algae from the sides of a fish aquarium. This was awesome because a washcloth doesn’t have enough scrubbing power and I refuse to use the dish scrubber that I use on my dishes!

I have recently discovered that a suitcase does not make a very good baby gate laying down, because the baby is pretty fearless and will climb onto it and plunge head first and sometimes head over heads to get to the other side.  When it’s placed on its side though it works quite well at keeping the baby in the living room but it  allows all the older siblings to enter and exit the living room without a hassle.

If you ask Eliana about her little incident involving two stitches and going to the emergency room she will tell you all or part of this little story. “I hurt my head. I go to hospital. Doctor fixed my owie. They’re good guys. They’re super heros to the rescue!”  I hate that she got hurt but she’s definitely puts a positive spin on things and for that I am thankful!

If you practice finding joy in the little things I think that you can find joy in just about any and every situation.

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The Towing

You never know what a two-year-old boy might be attached to. Today we had our Pontiac towed to a mechanic so it could be fixed. As the tow truck driver was putting the car onto the lift I told Joshua to look at the truck with Daddy’s car on it.  I was not prepared for his troubled and upset response. I guess I only expected him to think the lights on the truck were cool.  Instead as the tow truck pulled away  he began crying and said, “Oh no, they taking my car away!” A few hours later when Andy mentioned the car Joshua sat in the chair by the window and began crying again and saying he wanted Daddy’s car back. I had to assure him that they were taking it to be fixed because it was broken and that we would in fact see the car again. It was cute but it was also heartbreaking. I never thought about him reacting that way and thinking that they were taking our car away forever. I knew that the car  being towed was a good thing, but Joshua did not.

I will confess that in my 30 years of life there have been a lot of things that I have been attached to. Over the years I have had several things in my life “towed away,” causing me sadness and grief. I have lost material things that meant a great deal to me. I have lost loved ones through death and through the breaking off of friendships or relationships. Looking back I can see how these losses no matter how painful have made me better. Like a child in the moment, I could not see past the loss, but like a parent God knew what was going on even when I didn’t understand.  Looking back I see more clearly.


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Desires of my heart

I am very thankful today.  I got to sleep in a few minutes past 8 a.m.  Miss Eliana only woke up 1 time through the night and Andy got up once to snuggle because he had a bad dream.  James was off to church early to help clean and prepare for tomorrow’s service.  He has been sending me a daily text that includes a prayer for me in the mornings.  This morning I didn’t expect a text, and so I was pleasantly surprised.  Eliana had her morning Cheerios and scattered a handful of them onto the floor.  I guess putting that many Cheerios on her high chair tray wasn’t the smartest thing to do . . . I didn’t get angry or fuss at her.   She’s just figuring out what she is able to do.  Andy argued with me about sharing half a cinnamon roll. He wanted “the whole of it.” I just told him no . . . He is learning that he can’t have everything the way he wants it. This is a very hard lesson for an almost 4-year-old who is able to voice what he wants and what he does want very clearly.

I’m 30 and I think I know what I want and how to voice what I want.  I was struck today by how much of what I’ve always wanted I have.  I’m not talking about all the material things that I want.  I’m talking about things that have been my heart’s desires . . . wanting to marry, have children, to be a stay-at-home Mommy, to have people around me that love me and care about me.  I’m going to keep practicing Psalm 37:3-6 which says,

“Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”

God knows my heart and he knows the desires of my heart. He knows you and your heart’s desires too.

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