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A Sweet Little Moment

In the midst of chaos a sweet little moment can be so rich. I had a moment with the girls tonight. With the littlest one in my arms, the others took turns giving me hugs and kisses, and just like that I knew I was exactly were I was supposed to be.

These moments don’t last, but I can only hope and pray that I cherish them while they do last. Next week we’re sending our oldest off to a week-long church camp and I am struggling with remembering that the boy who was just a baby only a few short moments ago is growing up and becoming more and more independent every day.

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So Many Helpers

I got a glimpse into my former life when I parked at the grocery store the other day. A young mother, with an infant in a baby carrier and a toddler, was trying to get a cart with a car attached to the front of it out of the cart corral. The basket of the car would not open so that she could put the carrier into the cart and so she was forced to head into the store carrying the baby carrier and making her son very unhappy when he had to get out of cart. When I had only two kids I remember struggling with two kids to make a trip to the store. The struggle was definitely real then but it is much more real to me now that I have added 5 more kids!


We don’t have a lot of storage space so we tend to make lots of trips to the grocery store. Trips any where with seven kids are an adventure.  Depending on how much stuff we need I put the baby in the stroller or in the back of the cart. On trips for more groceries the 2-year-old sits in the front seat of the cart and the 9-year-old pushes either the stroller or the cart depending on the mood of the 2-year-old who is very opinionated about who she wants to push her in the cart.  All the others walk with us. The three-year-old is usually the one who likes to run ahead and lag behind us so I usually have to assign her the job of holding the side of the cart or stroller and if that doesn’t work I stick her into the cart with the groceries!

I know my crew is quite a sight to behold! I field questions from strangers almost every time I go any where with all the kids but people are mostly friendly. I enjoy watching the kids interact with the cashiers and other staff at the store. I use trips to teach them about grocery shopping, budgeting, and meal planning.

The other day a gentleman asked me, “Why did you bring so many helpers to the store,” to which I responded, “We do what we have to do sometimes.”


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Babies Don’t Keep

I found a Lego creation on a shelf in my bedroom before bed time. When I took it back to the boys’ room they informed me that they had built it for their Daddy.  They told me that it’s a tank with a German flag on it. We talked about how Lego creations are not meant to last forever and A said “We should take a picture of it. That way we can keep it.”

You’d think his Mommy was a photographer or something. I definitely think of photographs as a way to “keep” something.

Andy turned 7 today, and I once again I am reminded that kids don’t “keep.” It seems like just yesterday I met him for the very first time. My little boy isn’t a baby any more, but I am so thankful that I took these photos of him to I can remember his first days and months.




I love this quote by Ruth Hamilton:

Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep.


He’s growing up. He loves Star Wars and Angry Birds. He is very inquisitive and  wants to know everything about the world around him. He loves to read. He’s caring and kind-hearted. He’s the best big brother ever. It’s okay that babies don’t keep, but I wish they wouldn’t grow up so quickly. 


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My Day: Part Two

2:15 I nurse Danielle some more.  She falls asleep for a little while and I put her in her swing.

2:55 Joshua comes into the living room and asks to turn the t.v. on.  I tell him no and that he has to wait until Andy gets home.  A few minutes later we hear the bus and I have Joshua open the door.  When Andy gets off the bus Joshua opens the door and yells, “Andy! Andy! You’re home!”  Andy shows me his school work. I let him pick out a short movie to watch.  He chooses, “The Land Before Time: The Big Freeze”  These boys love their dinosaurs, but the girls love them too!

5:00 Danielle is still asleep. All that nursing is basically cluster-feeding that helps her get some hours of sleep in a row! I had a little photo session with Isabel just to check out how my little suitcase looked in photos. Isabel had fun but I really need to work with her if I want her to keep bows in her hair.  I’m not a girly girl and so I haven’t been very good at teaching my girls about hair accessories.  I put away the clothes that my mom folded earlier today.

James came home after work and his shoes and jeans were super muddy.  I washed the jeans by themselves because of all the mud.  This is the one and only time that there is ever one single item in the washing machine. Definitely not making a dent in the laundry heap!

5:20 Danielle is still asleep.  I am nervous about making dinner.  This is usually the time of day when she wakes up crying and I have to nurse her and nurse her.  She doesn’t make a peep.

6:00 Dinner is ready. I decided to make pancakes, sausage, and bacon.  James said he was tired of eating sausage.  Andy has been moaning for a half hour that he is hungry. In fact just before I started cooking dinner he came in and asked, “You haven’t started dinner, yet?”  Eliana has come in to tell me that she is starving. I believe her because I saw what she had for lunch and it wasn’t much!  Isabel must have been hungry too because while I was making pancakes and putting them onto plates she hopped into her booster seat and started begging for me to give her pancake.

6:30 Everyone is finished with dinner.  James watches some shows on Netflix and I sit down to work on the graphic design project that I’ve been working on for the past week or so.  I can’t believe that Danielle is still asleep but she did nurse and nurse and nurse all through the day today.  As soon as I type this line I’m going to wake her up so I can make sure she is good and tired for the night tonight.  The kids are playing in their bedrooms. Every so often one of them comes into the the living room to tell on each other. Joshua: “Eliana made me hurt myself.”  Andy: Joshua is making me mad. Eliana: “Isabel is NOT my best friend!”  Isabel has started screaming when she doesn’t get her way.  It’s one of those screams that makes you think she must be really really injured, but in actuality she is just mad!  They are learning all kinds of things.

6:45 The girls and I try to wake Danielle up. When I pick her up she won’t open her eyes. I pump her legs and she starts tooting up a storm.  Remember earlier today I thought she was gassy?  Well, let’s just say I was correct!  I change her diaper and she starts crying and crying. I nurse her and James and I start watching an episode of Cake Boss on Netflix.

7:20 Feeding Isabel and Cake Boss have made me miss my 7p.m. snack time goal.  I go into the boys’ room to ask that they pick up books so they can have a snack before bedtime. Joshua is not helping pick up books so Andy gets fruit snacks while Joshua and Eliana pick up books. When I check on the progress that Joshua and Eliana have made they have stacked the books vertically instead of horizontally. Instead of making them fix the books I let them have a snack.

7:30 Our bathroom routine to get ready for bed goes like this . . . Go to the bathroom, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and wash your face.  Joshua has been fighting me about brushing his teeth by himself and tonight is no exception!  He has had a runny nose and he never wants me to clean his nose out.  Tonight I laid him on the floor and sat on him to put saline drops in his nose.  He basically yelled and cried the whole time.

7:49 Andy remembered that he hasn’t done his homework yet! Oops! While he did his homework I helped Eliana and Isabel with their bathroom routines. Eliana kept saying that she didn’t want to go to bed.  Isabel was whiney so I put her in her crib before anyone else was in bed.

8:00 Andy did his bathroom routine without any help. Tomorrow is Andy’s hilarious hair day at school because his class is starting to learn the H sound.  I wet Andy’s hair and put three little patches up with pony tail holders. He said he wants to have three horns like a triceratops! We’ll see what it looks like in the morning! His bed head is always awesome in the mornings any way.

8:10 Read Andy’s library book as tonight’s bed time story.  Made up a story about five little aliens racing all over town.  The aliens were named Andy, Joshua, Eliana, Isabel and Danielle.  One cop told them they were going too fast and then another told them they were going too slow. The little aliens were obedient  and that made there Mommy and Daddy happy.  I sang Holy Night and said goodnight to the boys. Then Eliana wanted me to sing another song and so I asked her if she wanted me to sing Jesus Loves Me.  After this she gave me a hug and a kiss and I told Eliana and Isabel goodnight.

10:30 I’m still nursing Danielle. I have only put this baby down one time and she cried the whole time.  I got her dressed for bed and changed her diaper. She is sitting in my lap and squirming around but she is still asleep.  James and I watched the State of the Union address. I yawned and lost interest. James was interested but he was also really tired from work and fell asleep once.

10:45 Danielle is more still now while she sleeps and I think maybe just maybe I’m going to try to put her down for the night.

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Memories In My Closet

I wasn’t expecting to take a stroll down memory lane, but that is exactly what happened when I was digging through my closet the other day.

I found my wedding dress. I took it out of the bag that I have it stored in and I honestly could not resist the urge to put it on. I could get into the dress, but I couldn’t zip it up. When I went shopping for my wedding dress it was the first dress that I tried on! I tried on one other dress just be to sure that I’d found “the one,” the perfect dress for me. Looking back on it I do believe that finding the dress was meant to be, just like my husband and I were meant to be! I can’t believe that I’ve married the love of my life for almost 10 years.

Another thing that I found is my camera sweatshirt.  The grey sweatshirt has a camera stitched onto the front of it with straps that make it look like a camera is hanging from my neck. It was a Christmas gift from my boss during my first or second year of college when I worked at Ball State Photo Services. My boss’ wife made it so I am confident that it is truly one of a kind!  The sweatshirt reminds me of my days as a college student and how much I love being a photographer! An added bonus to finding the sweatshirt is that I can wear it!

What things do you still in your closet that have memories attached to them? 

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My Grandma

Today I watched my Grandma and my almost 2-year-old daughter, Eliana play peek-a-boo.  Even if I didn’t have a photo that memory will be forever etched into my mind.  Some times Grandma knows who I am and other times she does not.  Today she knew me and she knew my kids.  She was able to laugh and to smile at them while she watched them play. Joyce Marie is my Grandma. Isabel Joy Maria is my 2-month-old daughter. The similarities are not a coincidence. My Grandma was the lady that would take her three grandkids to church every time the church doors were open.  She was the one who would fix a Sunday dinner big enough to feed an army.  She was the one who took my cousins into her home when their family members couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of them.  When I was younger she would tell me that I was “no bigger than a bar of soap after a weeks washing.”  If someone was getting on your nerves or doing some wrong to you she would tell you to tell that person “to go flip sand.”  She loves her family and she loves God. While she is not who she once was be due to several strokes and her failing health, I still remember who she was and how much of a difference she has made in my life.  I am eternally thankful for her and for the things that she taught me.  I am painfully aware of that fact that she could be gone tomorrow and so I’m very thankful for the time that I got to spend with her today. I’m thankful that my kids got to spend time with her today.  She’s my grandma and I love her.

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Foot stomping

Today’s Confession . . .  I cried at last night’s church service, because my son was stomping his foot.  Our pastor’s wife was playing an upbeat song and I was singing along when I noticed that someone was stomping to the music.  When I looked around the stomping had stopped and I thought maybe I had only imagined it.  It started again and I looked beside me and was totally caught off-guard!  Andy was the one stomping along to the beat of the music.  He was sitting stomping one foot, and playing and not really paying attention to the song.  I’m sure that pregnancy hormones have something to do with it, but I couldn’t hold back the tears.  James noticed the tears streaming down my face, and he started rubbing my back to comfort me.  I leaned over to whisper to him that Andy was stomping his foot and that my Grandpa used to do that.  It seem really silly now, but I had forgotten that my Grandpa, who went to heaven more than 8 years ago, used to stomp his foot all the time during worship. Hearing and feeling my own son stomping his foot along to the music just like my Grandpa used to brought back a flood of joyful memories to my heart and along with the joy I was sad because I really miss my Grandpa.  It is very interesting how the little things can make you remember how much you love someone and how much you miss them!  Do you think foot-stomping could be genetic?

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