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Never-ending Chaos

The sound of my fingers hitting the keys of my laptop . . . That is all that I hear. My sons are getting a taste of loading the dishwasher after dinner so that I don’t have to stay up doing it after everyone goes to bed.  Life is pretty crazy with six kids. A friend of mine who has 4 kids and I were talking about how people ask us, “How do you do it?” I don’t know how I do it. I just do and lots of chaos happens.

Yesterday’s chaos started with little people asking if they could have breakfast. I can’t think of any time when I have ever said, “No, you guys can’t have breakfast.” I think there are only some times when I tell them that they need to wait, but even that doesn’t happen very often.

For about the millionth time my son could not find any pants to wear. I do not have any idea how this is even possible because he has way too many clothes. I also know for a fact that he has more than 3 pairs of pants.  For a while he had been putting pants that didn’t fit “just right.” back into the laundry hamper. I have no idea how many times I was re-washing clean pants. I don’t really want to know at this point.

Another son could not find his library books. He was blaming it on our resident monster before he remembered that he left the books at school.

I fluffed an entire load of wet laundry without heat! I asked one of girls to empty the dryer into a laundry basket and so she did. When I tried to move the basket it weighed a lot more than it should have and that’s how I discovered that everything was still very wet.  I checked the dryer settings. The monster that lives at my house apparently discovered how to turn knobs on the dryer.

I pulled a various assortment of things out of the baby’s mouth. I have 5 other kids and I still do not understand the fascination of picking random things off the floor and putting them in your mouth.

The same monster was found using her brother’s booster seat to climb on top of her dad’s desk.

The monster and her sister were caught using the bathroom step stool to get lotion out of the closet.

A little girl threw a fit because she was not going to get a snack unless she ate more of her dinner, and so if only by some miracle she came to her senses and just at more of her dinner.

The baby crawled down the hall and into the bathroom twice and into her brothers’ room once.

All of that was yesterday!

To start our day the girls and I worked on cleaning their room. I found the Apple TV remote control shoved halfway the under the toy box and as an added bonus I found our extra van key in the toy box! After finding two toys that go together Eliana said, “It is amazing what you can find when you clean up.” Indeed it is.

The fun and chaos never end!

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Life With Six Kids – My Messy Beautiful

Every day is a crazy roller coaster raising six kids from eight years old to six months old. My boys are eight and six. My girls are five, three, two, and 6 months old.

There is food under the kitchen table after every meal. There is almost always some kind of argument going on among the group. There are mountains of laundry to move here, there, and everywhere. Someone always seems to be drawing on the walls or the table with crayons. In my room there is a large collection of kid clothes that don’t fit. It needs to be sorted and taken down to the basement and I have no idea how long it has been there or how long it will continue to be there! My bathroom always seems to have lotion, soap, or toothpaste the walls, the sink, and the mirrors. There are toys absolutely every where! It’s a mess, but it means that I have a full house.

fbDSC_5800Each of my kids is absolutely amazing. Their sweet smiles are wonderful. The sound of their infectious laughter and giggles are music to my soul. When they are not trying to conquer and destroy each other, it is so much fun to watch and to listen to them playing. They are the most imaginative kids ever! The words that come out of their mouths are sometimes frightening, sometimes surprising, and often times just plain awesome.

Every day I GET hugs and kisses. Every day I GET to laugh and smile and laugh some more! Every day I GET to watch six little people grow into amazing human beings! I have learned that sharing our moments of crisis with family and friends really helps me to laugh about them! Laughing so you don’t cry still counts as laughing, right?

It is not our messiness that matters. The laughter, the smiles, the hugs, and the kisses matter! The LOVE is definitely what matters. I am a messy, beautiful warrior on a mission to be a better child of God, a better Mommy, a better wife, and a better photographer. I try to do my best to show my little people about life and loving with God’s love. It’s a messy job but somebody’s got to do it!

This essay and I are part of the Messy, Beautiful Warrior Project — To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE!  And to learn about the New York Times Bestselling Memoir Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life, just released in paperback, CLICK HERE!


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Highlights of the Day

Ahhh . . . the calm after the storm.  Life is always crazy around here. It seems like lately it has been louder than usual.  After everyone was in bed I just sat and listened to the quiet.

In almost three weeks Miss G has grown a lot, but not enough to fit into size 1 diapers.  I figured this out after buying Miss G her first pack of diapers. We were down to the last of newborn diapers that my awesome mom-in-law bought this summer at a yard sale. As soon as I took one diaper out of the package I knew that I had made a mistake. Those size 1 diapers were humongous! I didn’t even try to put them on, but only held them up next to her. They covered half of her torso. I’m afraid I would have a baby Urkele if I put her in those diapers. She will grow into the diapers eventually.

One of the highlights of my day was walking into the bathroom to find my oldest son, who is almost 8 years old clapping for my next to youngest daughter who turns 2 in December. “Danielle went potty!” She sat on the potty all by herself and went potty. She been doing this for the past two weeks. The first times she did  it she took off all her clothes and I would find her just sitting there.  Most of the time nothing happens. She has progressed and learned that she can keep her shirt on and tonight she had taken off her pants and just pulled her diaper down. I don’t have time to “potty-train” her right now, but I am totally into the idea of her potty-training herself!  Little Miss Independent tries to do EVERYTHING by herself any way. She might as well let her figure out how to potty in the potty.

Tonight before bed, I found my oldest singing to his siblings the German lullaby that their Daddy always sings to them.  Daddy is working out-of-town until tomorrow, so my boy decided to take over and sing a bed time song. He knew I was busy trying to calm Miss G down because she was screaming like she was starving and he melted my heart and made his Mommy proud.

I keep feeling like I should be back to feeling normal and then I totally wear myself out during the day.  I have to keep reminding myself that I JUST had a baby less than three weeks ago. I still need to rest and recover but I have six kids.

I HAVE SIX KIDS!  Oh my goodness! Sometimes it is hard for me to believe it, but I have to confess I cannot imagine my life without any of them.  They are my treasures. They are little ones entrusted to me by the creator of the universe. When I am down on myself for messing up this whole Mom gig I try to remember that I truly am just doing the best that I can. No one else can be their Mom.

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Don’t Get Scared Now

Looking back I never thought breakfast at my house would include 7 bowls, 4 spoons, 5 cups and 1 sippy cup, 7 bowls of cereal, 4 with milk and 3 without milk. (In case you’re trying to figure out my math, I am including my breakfast and not including James.)

fbDSC_4448My constantly growing belly is officially humongous. I am constantly reminded that my body is not my own when I feel lots of jabs and kicks from within. It’s hard believe that I am having another precious baby girl in less than fifty-six days. Where does the time go?

Growing another human is tough stuff.  I need to take a nap almost every single day. Thankfully most days even with 5 kids I can take a nap! Almost everything I eat gives me heartburn; bananas, pbj, and yogurt all give me heartburn. Not eating gives me heartburn. Most of the time I’m not hungry at all, and then part of the time I feel like I might get sick after I eat. My tennis shoes are much too tight. My ankles are swollen. My belly itches and stretch marks from baby times six are not a pretty sight. Every day I stretch my arms to the sky in prayer that maybe just maybe my shirts will continue to cover my belly bump when I lift my arms. The kids think this ritual is hilarious, but sometimes it makes me want to cry. 

Days are filled with the hustle and bustle of five kids, all seven and under, playing, laughing, and doing what kids do! In just a few short days I’ll have not one, but two little boys going to school and my days will be filled with lots of girls! We are planning for a birthday beach party for two of the kids in early September to avoid getting too close to our baby girl’s arrival date.

I’m just a little bit glad that James hasn’t gotten out that second crib. Soon enough it will be time to bring the premie and newborn baby girl clothes from the basement. My hospital bag has yet to be packed. Those things will need to be done soon enough, but we do our best to enjoy today and the days until another little princess rocks our world.


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