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A Sweet Little Moment

In the midst of chaos a sweet little moment can be so rich. I had a moment with the girls tonight. With the littlest one in my arms, the others took turns giving me hugs and kisses, and just like that I knew I was exactly were I was supposed to be.

These moments don’t last, but I can only hope and pray that I cherish them while they do last. Next week we’re sending our oldest off to a week-long church camp and I am struggling with remembering that the boy who was just a baby only a few short moments ago is growing up and becoming more and more independent every day.

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My Gum Ball Hero

God knew that I needed a little old lady to stop and talk to me how wonderful she thinks large families are. She told me that she only has three children, but she always admires large families. I confessed that they are some times exhausting, and she agreed before saying, “But just look at them.” Thankfully at the moment they were behaving!

The kids were blocking one lady and as we passed she told me that her daughter has five children but they are all teenagers now. She said something about how hard it is for them to get ready in the morning. These nuggets of truth I can do without knowing . . . I know it will be a different kind of hard when they are all teens!  I’m trying to survive here and now!

Three different strangers asked if all the kids belong to me. I never know how to answer. I usually just say, “Yes they do!” If he hears people ask, Mr. J usually pipes up that there are seven of them. He tells them that there two older boys and five sisters. He goes on about how hard it is to have so many sisters. It’s hilarious.

God also knew that I needed a stranger to buy two extra gum balls at the gum ball machine as we were leaving. Two of the kids started crying when one gum ball fell onto the floor and we were another gum ball short! Some times God gets our attention with huge things but other times he uses the little things! That guy who spent 50 cents on my kids was my gum ball hero!


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Life with Seven Kids

DSC_6036It feels like forever since I’ve written a blog. I have a few drafts of blogs that I have written and not published in the past 7 weeks. It has been a crazy time since my baby girl was born. Usually I bounce back pretty quickly after deliveries, but this time was much different. Soon after arriving at Labor and Delivery it was discovered that my baby girl was breech and I needed to have a c-section.

C-section recovery with seven kids is tough stuff. A couple of times I called the doctor’s office to ask questions and the nurses told me to rest. It was hard not to laugh out loud at them. Seven kids need to be fed and clothed and kept alive. Resting seemed nearly impossible. There were times I would fall doze off only to be awakened by kids yelling. Thankfully I had a lot of help. My church family made us dinner here and there. My mom came to help me with the house. The kids pitched in to help. My husband was amazing as always. He can get everyone bathed at lightning speed!

We survived those long weeks and now our girl is seven weeks young and this year is half over. I finally feel almost back to normal.  I can almost get my wedding and engagement rings back on! I’m packing away most of my maternity clothes and we are settling in to our new normal.

The day starts with one early morning nursing session with Miss A usually around 3 a.m.  Miss A usually nurses through breakfast around 7:30 and big brother gets all the other siblings started with breakfast. We are still doing some school through the summer but on a much more laid back schedule . . . not that our school routine is ever rigid by any means.  Nursing Miss A seems to take the most time because she is a spit-upper! To decrease the amount that she spits up she needs to be held upright for at least 15 minutes after she nurses! Sometimes I can hand her off to the two oldest boys but most times I just sit with her.  Feeding the rest of the crew hasn’t changed much. Lunch is always something simple. Peanut Butter Jelly time rules. Dinner has been what I struggle with most. Miss A always seems to be the most fussy when I want to try to make dinner.  After dinner Miss A likes to have nursing marathons. It seems like I nurse her and nurse her and nurse her for two hours or more every evening, but if she lets me sleep and wakes me just once in the middle of the night it is worth it.  She’s constantly growing and constantly changing! The boys have been given a few more responsibilities and the girls are used to helping out with different things.

We are living the life!  I’m up for the adventures that seven kids will bring. I’ve figured out that Mr. A is big enough to push our second stroller so we can all go on walks while Daddy is at work.  I took all seven kids to the grocery store by myself for the second time since I’ve had seven kids. I put the Miss A’s car seat into the back of the cart and Miss G into the seat of the cart and all 5 big kids had a hand on the cart. I paused for a minute and thought to myself, “I get to do this!”  It’s not all sunshine and roses all the time but I honestly love it!

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Reflection on Four Years of Blogging

Fall Family PhotoThis is the message that I got the other day: “Happy Anniversary from WordPress.com!” It’s been four years since I started blogging. Time flies when you are having fun and when you are  juggling 3, then 4, then 5, and now 6 little ones. There are people who “get” me and others that totally don’t and then there is everyone in between. I love my Mom gig. I’m not perfect but I do the best that I can. I believe that my children are entrusted to me by God and this is a space where I can share our adventures with you. Thanks for reading!

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October 15, 2013 · 2:56 pm

Watermelon Belly

According to Babycenter.com at 34 weeks my baby weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (about the size of a cantaloupe and is almost 18 inches long. I’m feeling very round these days though and my baby girl seems to be more like a big watermelon than a little cantaloupe!

The other day after vacuuming 4 rooms of the house I was sore and tired. I said to my husband, “I’m out of shape.” He replied, “You’re not out of shape. You’re just a different shape.”

I bought a new dress shirt that is extra long to wear for church. I showed it to my husband paired with a skirt. He told me that it looked nice. I told him that I felt like a house. He reminded me, “There is another human growing inside of you.”

My current habit is to have either my kids or my hubby check my shirts while I raise my arms to see if they look too tight or if they cover my baby bump. Sometimes I raised my arms and I can feel my belly showing just a little. My husband, always being logical said about my belly, “It sticks out so far you can’t see under there, so it doesn’t matter. You are great with child. Get over it. There is nothing you can do about it.

I have done this whole pregnancy thing a time or two or six. I know the drill.  I know that I am a petite young lady and once I reach an indefinite number of weeks in my pregnancy there is no room for the baby to go expect for out in front of me.

Soon and very soon we are going to meet our newest little princess and my watermelon belly will shrink in time. Until then I can decide to laugh or cry but, I will try to laugh most of the time.

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August 14, 2013 · 9:26 am

Don’t Get Scared Now

Looking back I never thought breakfast at my house would include 7 bowls, 4 spoons, 5 cups and 1 sippy cup, 7 bowls of cereal, 4 with milk and 3 without milk. (In case you’re trying to figure out my math, I am including my breakfast and not including James.)

fbDSC_4448My constantly growing belly is officially humongous. I am constantly reminded that my body is not my own when I feel lots of jabs and kicks from within. It’s hard believe that I am having another precious baby girl in less than fifty-six days. Where does the time go?

Growing another human is tough stuff.  I need to take a nap almost every single day. Thankfully most days even with 5 kids I can take a nap! Almost everything I eat gives me heartburn; bananas, pbj, and yogurt all give me heartburn. Not eating gives me heartburn. Most of the time I’m not hungry at all, and then part of the time I feel like I might get sick after I eat. My tennis shoes are much too tight. My ankles are swollen. My belly itches and stretch marks from baby times six are not a pretty sight. Every day I stretch my arms to the sky in prayer that maybe just maybe my shirts will continue to cover my belly bump when I lift my arms. The kids think this ritual is hilarious, but sometimes it makes me want to cry. 

Days are filled with the hustle and bustle of five kids, all seven and under, playing, laughing, and doing what kids do! In just a few short days I’ll have not one, but two little boys going to school and my days will be filled with lots of girls! We are planning for a birthday beach party for two of the kids in early September to avoid getting too close to our baby girl’s arrival date.

I’m just a little bit glad that James hasn’t gotten out that second crib. Soon enough it will be time to bring the premie and newborn baby girl clothes from the basement. My hospital bag has yet to be packed. Those things will need to be done soon enough, but we do our best to enjoy today and the days until another little princess rocks our world.


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Truth From Little People

Miss I is two years old and she completely reminds me of a Muppet because of how animated she is. She gets so excited when she talks about different things.  At bedtime, she came to me and threw her pajama shirt at me. She went on and on about not being able to find her pajama pants and needing to look for them in her sister’s bed, “Up, up, up!” (She and her older sister share a bunk bed.)  She absolutely insisted that I stand up so she could see how big I am.  I stood up and she proceded to exclaim, “Wow, you are really big!” I know she was talking about how tall I am, especially compared to her. I thought to myself about how I am actually a short 5″ and hugely pregnant. I have been feeling very huge and frumpy in my 26th week of pregnancy. My two-year-old doesn’t see me as being short or huge, to her it’s completely awesome that I am, “big.”

Today Mr. A, who is 7, was asking me about how many days it will be before he is 1000 years old. I tried to work out the math in my head and ended up giving him an estimate. I shared with him since Jesus is going to come back some time to reign as king of Earth he may get to live to be more than 1000 years old. This made his eyes light up and he shared with me that at Vacation Bible School they talked about Jesus coming back.  I am so proud that he’s getting what we’re teaching him.

Mr. J is all about honestly. I gave him a glass of milk after he had brushed his teeth for bed time because he reasoned with me that it was okay for him to brush his teeth again.  He said, “You’re the best, Mommy. Even though you’re mean to me sometimes, I still love you.”  I told him that I did not think I am mean to him, and he said, “maybe, just a little,” and we left it at that.  It’s unconditional love, just like how God loves us!

Mr. A and I got into a little argument and he said something that made me wonder if maybe I wasn’t just a little too hard on him. I am going to have to work on that!

Almost every morning the first kid to wake up is my one-year-old Miss D. She wakes up and says “Mom. :::short pause::: Mom. :::shorter pause::: Mom.  She does this over and over until I come and if that doesn’t work she starts calling, “Dad.” If she hears me stirring she says, “Mom”even louder. Her crib is  just around the corner from my bed in a different room.  She is like an alarm clock with a broken snooze button.  It has been driving me crazy to wake up to her calling for me. Then the other day I read this quote in a guest post on momastery.com by a Momma with two kids who have autism.

Neither one of my boys can talk. I long for the day that they call for me over and over again until I want to rip out my hair… Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom mommommommommommommmmmm!!!!!!!

I immediately thought of Miss D and my perspective on my little daily alarm clock changed.  This morning after her calls I snuggled her back to sleep in my bed for a whole. extra. hour. and I still took a nap this afternoon! I cannot guarantee that she won’t make me grumpy, but I will try to keep it in perspective!

Miss E gave her talking puppy to Miss D. I was so proud of her for being generous, but I also know that she and I have talked a lot about how she can’t have any new stuffed animals unless she gives some away. She brought in a lot of other toys that she wants to give away or send to her cousins in the Philippines. She might just want new toys, but a part of me believes that she really wants to be generous and giving. Joshua gathered some of his toys and gave them to me saying he wants new toys too.

It is a fun thing to get Truth from little people. I can’t help it, I absolutely love it!

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