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The Final Week before BB-8

Hooray! My due date is now only seven days away!

grand multiparity n. the condition of a woman who has had five or more previous pregnancies.  This means my pregnancy is considered high risk, but I really haven’t had many complications!

One fun fact are that babies of “moms of many” sometimes don’t get into birthing position until labor starts. The other day I had an ultrasound just to check to see if my little one is head down. She is head down but not dropping so all the contractions that I’ve been having aren’t productive in changing my cervix. Did I mention that I believe Braxton-Hicks contractions are evil?

Another not so fun thing is that I have lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions and they get worse with every baby. This week I had three days in a row of misery where I couldn’t get the contractions to stop. Thankfully I’ve been given a couple of days break from them, but I know very well that this is just the calm before the storm!

I’m trying for a VBAC delivery, because #7 was breech I had to have a surprise C-section, but chances are a VBAC will go off without a hitch!

We’re ready and waiting!!! My bag is packed. The car seat is ready and the tiny clothes are washed and put away.  Now if only we can find the “safe place” where I put the Pack ‘N Play bassinet!


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A Heartbeat and Two Hundred Days

My first doctor’s visit for baby number eight went wonderfully. I love the doctors’ office that I go to. Every time I go I feel like I am visiting friends that are dear to me.  Their caring, compassion, and professionalism as they have cared for me and my babies through the years is priceless. I should be used to the hurried pitter-patter of a little heartbeat playing on the doppler, but I leaves me awestruck each and every time. I made a recording on my phone to play for my husband and the kids. I keep playing it over and over to listen to. During the recording you can hear the my heartbeat and the quicker heartbeat of our little baby. I have been feeling pregnant; I’m extra tired, a bit queasy, and I’ve put on a few extra pounds, but hearing the baby’s heartbeat makes is all the more real to me. I know the next 200 days until we get to meet our little one is going to fly by!

We are blessed and oh so thankful for everyone’s love and prayers for us! God is good!

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End of Pregnancy Misery

I laughed it off when Miss E said to me, “You have a big fluffy hippopotamus bottom.” In reality it made me want to cry. There are very few shirts that I own that will cover up my bump these days!  I did tell her that her comment was not very nice and she said I was only joking. The next few times that she said something about my clothes she was much more kind. Like today when she could see my belly and she very gently said, “Mommy, I can see your belly, but if you pull your shirt down I can’t.”

Walking  and especially walking down steps can be hazardous to your health. I took one step wrong and ended up feeling like the bones in my hip regions were totally going to give way. I scared myself and I scared Mr. J. His, “Are you okay Mommy?” showed his genuine concern. Thankfully I didn’t fall over or hurt myself!

Sleeping with hip issues is a major problem. I can’t sleep with my knees together and I can’t sleep with them apart other wise I wake up not being able to move or in excruciating pain. I try to sleep sitting up and prop myself up in bed. I have a folded up comforter and a pillow behind me. Then I have a body pillow under one side of me and a throw pillow beside me to prop my belly on. It is definitely as complicated as it sounds. Trying not to move when you’re not comfortable is a task!

I’ve been trying to encourage the kids to help me keep the house at least some what picked up because the baby is coming soon. I am pretty sure this confuses Miss I. She keeps saying “The living room is clean so baby Gabrielle can come out.” If only life were so simple! The whole idea of not knowing the date or time when the baby is coming is a foreign concept for Miss I’s three-year-old mind.

Miss D, the current baby in our family, is about to be ousted from her place as youngest. I have to confess that I am a little worried but each and every day she is more independent. She’s even been carrying around her baby doll and telling us to “sshhh,” because the baby is sleeping. I’m sure she will adjust just like all her siblings before her.

The weather has cooled and I am thankful but I cannot help but lament the fact that my feet do not comfortably fit into my sneakers. I still want to wear slip-ons but my toes do get chilly.


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Any Day Now

My baby princess is going to come when she is good and ready and since there is no way to tell for sure the day or hour of her arrival we have tried to get ready. My sweet husband looked at the crib and said, “Wow. It looks like we’re going to have a baby.” The crib is all put together and decked out in baby bedding and mobile.  My bag is packed for the hospital with the exception of my toothbrush. The blanket and baby cocoon that I crocheted for our littlest princess are washed and packed for her first photo shoot. The itty bitty outfit that she will wear to come home is packed. I got out the teddy bear and little ladybug pillow pet that the kids picked out for the princess. My sister is on stand-by to come stay with the kids when I need to go to the hospital.  

These are the days of taking it easy and doing things much more slowly because carrying this baby has gotten more and more uncomfortable every day.  It hurts to walk  waddle. It hurts to move from sitting to standing and almost everything I do takes twice as long as normal. Trying to get comfortable and stay comfortable while sleeping is nearly impossible. Thankfully these things will shall pass when the baby comes.

My to-do list is a pretty short one and it’s a good thing because my body can’t keep up with a long to-do list. There are things on my list like getting online to make sure some of our bills are paid and putting in an order for a new pack ‘n play. I still need to get some of the big kids’ clothes stowed away in the basement. I still need to make sure my photo props are easily accessible, my camera battery is charged, and my camera cards are ready for the arrival the princess.

One thing is for sure that the newest little addition to our family will be loved beyond measure and hopefully we’ll be as ready as we can be for any day now.

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Thirty Days to Go

Look at you! You’re huge! You look like you’re going to pop! That’s a big cantaloupe! Oh for the love people! I know that I am enormously, as my husband likes to say, “Great with child.” I think about the only comment I like to hear is, “You look great,” even though I don’t quite believe it unless like my husband they are saying I am great with child.

My weekly doctor’s office visits have begun. A friend who is due the day before me was lamenting that people ask us how we are feeling all the time. The answer is mostly I’m hang in there with late pregnancy misery! I am tired a lot so I’ve tried to make a habit of taking a daily nap. I feel pretty amazing that most days I can nap! I have heartburn if I eat or if I don’t eat. I’ve got indigestion issues no matter what. I wake up in the middle night to go to the bathroom. My back hurts. My neck hurts. I have Braxton-Hicks contractions on a regular basis and they are miserable. I definitely feel like my body is not my own and that the little girl on the inside has taken over. Pretty soon she will take over life on the outside, but we love her, and so I’m hanging in there!

The day have really flown by as most days do with my crew and now we are down to the last month. In my countdown, I always add “give or take” to the number of days left but honestly I have only gone into labor once before my due date and that barely counts because it was one day before my due date and it was three kids ago!

I am totally okay with waiting another 30 days to meet my newest baby girl because we still have things to do! We need to buy a new crib mattress. We need to organize the girl’s room. We want to move Miss D’s clothes to her and figure out where to put them in the girls’ room. We need to bring all the newborn and 0-3 clothes up from the basement to be washed and put away. I still need to preregister for our hospital stay. We need to pack for the hospital.

It seems like we have waited until the last days to even start getting things ready but we are old pros at baby business.  My wonderful husband put together the baby’s crib in our room. He got out the baby swing.  We got the boys’ room organized so we can utilize more storage space in their room. We already have a take home outfit picked out.  We have saved baby clothes so their really isn’t much that we need to buy. The kids have picked out the baby’s first stuffed animal and a pillow pet. I crocheted a baby blanket and a baby cocoon and headband for the baby’s first photo shoot. I have debated about making a short list of things we could use, but don’t necessarily need, because after 5 kids some things we have could use updating. I figure this short list could be reserved for those who ask for it.

In thirty days, lIfe is going to get a little more crazy and a little more joy-filled and I am looking forward to it.

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Watermelon Belly

According to Babycenter.com at 34 weeks my baby weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (about the size of a cantaloupe and is almost 18 inches long. I’m feeling very round these days though and my baby girl seems to be more like a big watermelon than a little cantaloupe!

The other day after vacuuming 4 rooms of the house I was sore and tired. I said to my husband, “I’m out of shape.” He replied, “You’re not out of shape. You’re just a different shape.”

I bought a new dress shirt that is extra long to wear for church. I showed it to my husband paired with a skirt. He told me that it looked nice. I told him that I felt like a house. He reminded me, “There is another human growing inside of you.”

My current habit is to have either my kids or my hubby check my shirts while I raise my arms to see if they look too tight or if they cover my baby bump. Sometimes I raised my arms and I can feel my belly showing just a little. My husband, always being logical said about my belly, “It sticks out so far you can’t see under there, so it doesn’t matter. You are great with child. Get over it. There is nothing you can do about it.

I have done this whole pregnancy thing a time or two or six. I know the drill.  I know that I am a petite young lady and once I reach an indefinite number of weeks in my pregnancy there is no room for the baby to go expect for out in front of me.

Soon and very soon we are going to meet our newest little princess and my watermelon belly will shrink in time. Until then I can decide to laugh or cry but, I will try to laugh most of the time.

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August 14, 2013 · 9:26 am

Don’t Get Scared Now

Looking back I never thought breakfast at my house would include 7 bowls, 4 spoons, 5 cups and 1 sippy cup, 7 bowls of cereal, 4 with milk and 3 without milk. (In case you’re trying to figure out my math, I am including my breakfast and not including James.)

fbDSC_4448My constantly growing belly is officially humongous. I am constantly reminded that my body is not my own when I feel lots of jabs and kicks from within. It’s hard believe that I am having another precious baby girl in less than fifty-six days. Where does the time go?

Growing another human is tough stuff.  I need to take a nap almost every single day. Thankfully most days even with 5 kids I can take a nap! Almost everything I eat gives me heartburn; bananas, pbj, and yogurt all give me heartburn. Not eating gives me heartburn. Most of the time I’m not hungry at all, and then part of the time I feel like I might get sick after I eat. My tennis shoes are much too tight. My ankles are swollen. My belly itches and stretch marks from baby times six are not a pretty sight. Every day I stretch my arms to the sky in prayer that maybe just maybe my shirts will continue to cover my belly bump when I lift my arms. The kids think this ritual is hilarious, but sometimes it makes me want to cry. 

Days are filled with the hustle and bustle of five kids, all seven and under, playing, laughing, and doing what kids do! In just a few short days I’ll have not one, but two little boys going to school and my days will be filled with lots of girls! We are planning for a birthday beach party for two of the kids in early September to avoid getting too close to our baby girl’s arrival date.

I’m just a little bit glad that James hasn’t gotten out that second crib. Soon enough it will be time to bring the premie and newborn baby girl clothes from the basement. My hospital bag has yet to be packed. Those things will need to be done soon enough, but we do our best to enjoy today and the days until another little princess rocks our world.


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