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A Heartbeat and Two Hundred Days

My first doctor’s visit for baby number eight went wonderfully. I love the doctors’ office that I go to. Every time I go I feel like I am visiting friends that are dear to me.  Their caring, compassion, and professionalism as they have cared for me and my babies through the years is priceless. I should be used to the hurried pitter-patter of a little heartbeat playing on the doppler, but I leaves me awestruck each and every time. I made a recording on my phone to play for my husband and the kids. I keep playing it over and over to listen to. During the recording you can hear the my heartbeat and the quicker heartbeat of our little baby. I have been feeling pregnant; I’m extra tired, a bit queasy, and I’ve put on a few extra pounds, but hearing the baby’s heartbeat makes is all the more real to me. I know the next 200 days until we get to meet our little one is going to fly by!

We are blessed and oh so thankful for everyone’s love and prayers for us! God is good!


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Lent – Giving Thanks

Spring Break is over and that means our boys were off to school again today. School days are days at home that are filled to brim with my girls. They are sassy and sweet and all kinds of funny.


I asked if they want to see a beekeeper. They flatly told me no. One said she wants to be a firefighter. One said she wants to be a zookeeper.

I hear the rattle of candy wrappers and yell for the one I know is always, always, always, up to trouble!

Every. single. day. they want to watch songs from the movie Frozen on Youtube. They take turns yelling which one of the songs they wanted to listen to first.  It seems that lately I always have one Frozen song running through my brain.

I was digging in my closet for smaller jeans and one kid comes in and asks, “How many are you?” I had to think for a minute and when I responded that I am 34 she responded much too quickly, that I am old.

They “read” books to each other and melt my heart.

One discovered that biting her sisters is fun.

One laughed at the other when she said her sister almost bit her bottom.

Not just once but twice my girl took off her dirty diaper by herself. The first time I was on the phone. I don’t think I have ever been so thankful to be on hold.

My snotty-nosed congested little one does not fuss or complain one little bit, but she watched her big sisters go back and forth until she fell asleep.

They gobble up a snack of Strawberry Mini Wheats like nobody’s business.

They find the broom and try to sweep the kitchen and as they do their infectious giggles make me laugh.

They put on hats and gloves and pretend it’s snowing. My singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” Is followed by a yes and a sad realization that there is no snow for a snowman.

They “need me,” an unimaginable number of times to help them in the bathroom!

When two knock down the light cover they come and says “Sorry Momma.” Then proceed to point out that the other one is to blame. She did it! No she did!

I am thankful for my days with my girls.


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Lent Day 11 – Giving Thanks

I just realized that I haven’t written my blog today and everyone else in the house has gone to bed. I feel a little bit like I have been on a roller coaster this past week with many ups and downs. Life is a crazy ride. Life is not all sunshine and roses. I wrote that line and immediately thought of the line from Larry the Cucumber trying and failing to sing the blues . . . . “All sunshine and roses, no rain came my way.”

Life is not always peaches and cream. Life is all about your perspective! No one likes to be around people who are negative. I don’t even like to be around myself when I am negative.  Being rudely awakened from dream-filled sleep makes me grumpy. But being awake and alive to see another day is a blessing. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. has it’s own troubles and cares, but I will choose thankfulness.

I choose to be thankful for this life with all of it’s ups and downs and as much as possible I will try to enjoy the ride.

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Lent Day 10 – Giving Thanks

The laundry. never. ends. I was thinking about what I am thankful for while folding and putting away lots of laundry today. It got me thinking about clothes. It is a gross understatement to say that my family of eight has a whole lot of clothes.

The two boys are oldest. I discovered as soon as he could talk that my younger son is much more picky about his clothes than his older brother and he detests shirts with buttons or zippers, so I think about whether or not my younger son will wear clothes that I buy for my older son. 

The older three girls are right on each others heels as far as sizes go. Lately I have been moving clothes from one drawer to another drawer in the same room, instead of moving things in and out of the basement. Having four girls makes me very aware of what clothes are made to last and which ones to avoid. Children’s Place jeans are cute but they never last for the second kid. 

Our baby girl seems grow out of her clothes right before my eyes! I had to go downstairs to get some of the 6-9 month clothes before I even had a chance to get the 0-3 month clothes back to the basement. 

Because six of the eight are little people who are constantly growing I am forever rotating everyone’s wardrobe and I am thankful to that everyone has clothes to wear. I’m thankful for the clothes that I have stored in my basement. I am even thankful for laundry because it means we have clothes but shhh! don’t tell the laundry man! 


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Lent Day 5 – Giving Thanks

Today Eliana, Andy, and I are working together to write what they are thankful for today. This is mainly because my brain is mush and during lunch today I opened the top of the ketchup bottle and almost poured ketchup into my kid’s cup. Yeah, so here are some thankful thoughts from little people.

From Eliana:

She says she is thankful for everything God made. Sometimes the things that God made look weird, but I like them.

She is also thankful for people. She says she is thankful for all people in the whole wide world that she knows.

She got upset when I told her I was writing this to people; especially people who are strangers. I told her that it’s just to my friends and she protested that she doesn’t know all my friends.

She is also thankful for our fish. She says she is thankful for them because they are new. They are from our friends who moved to Florida.

Andy says he is thankful for animals.

He also says he is thankful for free will so we can choose stuff. We can choose which ice cream we want.

When I asked him what else he is thankful for he said, “I don’t know. I just give up.” Then he went away to watch his Daddy play Star Wars Angry Birds. I’m pretty sure he’s thankful for that game.

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Ring Around the Chicken and Cotton Candy

My kids made up a new song to use instead of “Ring Around The Rosy,” called “Ring Around the Chicken. Here are the words:

“Ring around the chicken, pocket full of chicken. Chicken, chicken, we all go chickeny.

After this they proceed to bock, bock, ba-gock and flap their arms like chickens.  The older four sing together but even the littlest one joined in with bocks and arm-flapping. They are hilarious to watch!

After every one was in bed, I told James that I was going outside for a little while and he asked if I was okay and I told him, “Yeah, I’m really good.” He made the funniest face at me. I felt incredibly thankful and incredibly blessed and I wanted to enjoy the sunset. I got news that my blood glucose test was normal and my iron levels are good. I said goodnight to my crew. I made a little girl smile and laugh with a silly story about fluffy sheep. This was after she was oh so sad and she could not admit just how tired she was after we let her stay up just a little bit past her bedtime watching one of her favorite movies “Happy Feet.” A little boy wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. Another leaned over his bed rail so I could plant a kiss on his cheek and he could plant a kiss on mine. A little girl climbed into her bed and as I sang her a song she put her arms around my neck and pretended to be asleep, but her sweet infectious giggles gave her away.  One sleepy sweetheart fell asleep before goodnights, and she didn’t stir while the others were tucked in.

The sunset sky looked like cotton candy, with it’s hues of pink, purple, and blue. As so often is the case, I could not resist getting my camera out to capture some of God’s most wonderful artwork. No one paints quite like Him.  cotton candy sunset


fbDSC_3884I started to type this while I was sitting on my front steps, but I got chased back into the house by the mosquitos. In spite of this, I still got to watch the lightning bugs come out and two robins perched on the fence undisturbed by my presence until I stood to go inside.  


These are just a few of the things that give me a thankful heart. I love how God blesses us when we work for Him and we stop and realize He really is the Giver of all good things.

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Random Wednesday Thoughts

Today I am thankful for onesies and one piece outfits so my kid doesn’t keep taking off all her clothes and her diaper. Quote of the day, “Mommy, Danielle is REALLY naked!”

I am going to have 6 kids in 126 days give or take.  I know this time will fly by ever so quickly because having 5 kids makes almost every day goes by quickly and with much chaos. I wouldn’t change it for all the world!

I keep thinking about some one who once told me that he would just call each of my kids by their number and all the witty come backs I should have given him. At the time I was quite annoyed and thought it best just to keep my mouth shut.  I understand if you can’t remember all my kids’ names, but they are not just numbers!

Yes, I do have my hands full. Random strangers in the grocery store need not comment on this well-known fact.

Yes, I know where baby’s come from.

No, I am not sure if this is the last one.  Is it really anyone’s business? Would any one really be surprised if I go for 7?

Why do 2 year olds feel the need to repeat themselves over and over and over again? “Mommy, I want to sit with you?” or “I want my cup!” fifteen times in a row is just annoying.

Two year olds should come with volume control.

I am the mom that laughed when my 1-year-old tried to hit her 7-year-old brother with a shoe. Maybe I wouldn’t have laughed if she hurt her brother, but I probably still would have laughed. Her brother thought it was pretty funny too and he wanted me make a video of it.

Four year olds have to be some of the most inquisitive people on the planet.  They wonder about everything under the sun and it’s truly amazing.  If only we could hang on to that sense of wonder instead of going through life taking every thing for granted.

It can be very frustrating when a five-year-old acts like a 60-year-old man who is firmly set in his ways you may have a fight on your hands to get him to bend on anything. One of this weeks battles included wearing shorts because it is over 80 degrees outside. Another battle was getting him to have a hamburger after it had been a while since he had one. Guess who asked for a hamburger for lunch today?


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