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Our Thanksgiving Tree – 2013

“Why should we be thankful for things?” I asked my younger son. His reply was simply, “Because God wants us to.”

Chronicles 16:34 says,

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

This is the third year that I have made a Thanksgiving Tree for the month of November. We add leaves of things that we are thankful for almost every day, usually right after dinner. I think that when we are always wanting more and longing for the newest, latest, biggest, and best of everything it can lead to being unhappy. I firmly believe that being thankful is one of the keys to being happy and we have to practice having an attitude of thankfulness. The Thankfulness Song always comes to mind when I think about practicing thankfulness!

This year I wrapped an oatmeal container and two potato chip canisters in brown grocery sacks to make the trunk of our tree and then added branches that are attached to the ceiling. In previous years I have put our tree on the wall. This year we are using sassafras leaves on our tree, but in years past we have used maple leaves and different types of leaves.

We put the first set of leaves on our Thanksgiving tree this year.



This was our first Thanksgiving tree in 2011.



This is last year’s Thanksgiving Tree.


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