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Memories In My Closet

I wasn’t expecting to take a stroll down memory lane, but that is exactly what happened when I was digging through my closet the other day.

I found my wedding dress. I took it out of the bag that I have it stored in and I honestly could not resist the urge to put it on. I could get into the dress, but I couldn’t zip it up. When I went shopping for my wedding dress it was the first dress that I tried on! I tried on one other dress just be to sure that I’d found “the one,” the perfect dress for me. Looking back on it I do believe that finding the dress was meant to be, just like my husband and I were meant to be! I can’t believe that I’ve married the love of my life for almost 10 years.

Another thing that I found is my camera sweatshirt.  The grey sweatshirt has a camera stitched onto the front of it with straps that make it look like a camera is hanging from my neck. It was a Christmas gift from my boss during my first or second year of college when I worked at Ball State Photo Services. My boss’ wife made it so I am confident that it is truly one of a kind!  The sweatshirt reminds me of my days as a college student and how much I love being a photographer! An added bonus to finding the sweatshirt is that I can wear it!

What things do you still in your closet that have memories attached to them? 

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