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Other Duties As Assigned

Most often this blog turns into my sharing about what my kids are doing. I figured I’d share some of the other things I have been doing besides staying busy with four kids 5 and under!

Tax time is upon us and  I have spent some time working on tax returns. Not just my own tax returns, but those of my sister, my parents, and my sister-in-law.  Praise the Lord all the tax returns are completed. I don’t mind at all especially when it means that all of us get money back!

I’ve been helping my sister get ready for her wedding.  I have also have been planning a wedding shower for her and my future brother-in-law. There was one night this week when I fed Isabel and got her to go back to sleep I was awake for an hour thinking about wedding shower plans.

I have been shopping online for bridesmaid dresses for the wedding and a flower girl dress for Eliana. Do you know how many shades of purple there are? Add to this the fact that I am not okay with showing too much skin or modeling my “body by baby” and dress shopping is a lot less fun. The wedding is less than a month away!

I am in charge of the wedding flowers. I am using silk flowers and I have am done with the brides and bridesmaids’ bouquets. I love been crafty and transforming flowers into beautiful bouquets. I am having issue getting one type of flowers and have made 2 extra trips to the craft store only to find that the flowers I had ordered have not come in yet! Hopefully the third trip will be the charm!

I have been spending a little time learning some web page design techniques so that I can help with designing the website for the Boy Scout Camp where we have been spending our summers. I have been reading online tutorials about Cascading Style Sheets or CCS.  I have been reading a book about Liferay and trying to learn how to use it! It’s basically Greek to me and unlike my husband I don’t know Greek! I truly believe that you should never stop learning!

These are just a small part of my “other duties as assigned” jobs. I have been trying to read two books and I haven’t gotten very far in either of them! Who has time to read? Please do not ask about my laundry unless you plan to volunteer to come and do some for me!

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